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Wednesday 05th of August 2020
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Genealogical data exchange

You are looking for opportunities to advance your genealogy, this site is for you. We put millions of data provided by our online searchable participants for the sole purpose of sharing their passion. All of their files are accessible to all participants, they are compressed in "zip" format. If you do not have any compression utilities, click on this «link» to download one free.

Come join us

You too become a «member»!
Registration is totally free and instant, for this you must have a genealogical file to share. You will be able to benefit from all the advantages as well as the possibility to download files of other participants.

E-mail alert

Be warned by «email» as soon as one of the surnames you have selected has entered our database.
They are sent from 2 to 4 times a week.
This service is completely free.

Members' Websites

Many of our participants have a «website» in which they provide valuable information, copies of documents, photos and anecdotes.
Do not hesitate to visit them! N°00033750
According to the law, our site is registered with the CNIL under number 746617.

New website

For the past week, we have put online a more readable version compatible with phones.



A new forum will be installed soon.
For memberss, it will no longer be necessary to create an account. Identifying yourself will allow you to post directly.
You will find the main themes like searches, bugs on the site, news, manifestations etc ...


Cybergenealogie becomes compatible with IPAD IPHONE and most tablets.
The font has been increased for people who have difficulty reading.
Click here to access it.

General Resources



Are you satisfied with our service?
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Graphical browsing

Always concerned about the comfort of Internet users, Cailgeo has installed a graphical browsing.
You can navigate genealogies graphically.
Much more data is displayed.
Access is from the search details page. A small graphic icon graphiqueon the left allows access.


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